Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday essentials

How was your sunday? I really need the coffee from this picture! I arrived back home at 06.00 AM today because i went to the concert of Armin van Buuren at Antwerp and it was just epic! I hope you all had an amazing weekend so you can kick butt in a new fresh week :) xx, Annelies

image: pinterest

Friday, November 21, 2014

Blazer & sneakers

Aloha! It's almost weekend again, time flies! I'm really busy at the moment. Mostly working at schoolstuff, we have to brace ourselves, exams are coming! :) So i'm thankfull to be able to get a breather in the weekend. What are you guys planning to do? I'm going to a concert of Armin van Buuren at Antwerp! Trance isn't usually my go to music, but i'm going with a group of friends so i'm pretty sure i'll have a blast! I also really need to go to the hairdresser, i realised it's too long again by watching these pictures. I'm thinking to add some layers to my hair for a change, but i'm not sure yet. Anyways, i hope you have a great weekend! xx, Annelies

blazer: JuliaJune / shirt: Zara / pants and bag: H&M / shoes: Givenchy

Monday, November 17, 2014

How to wear: leather pants

One of my missions to the perfect fall-wardrobe is to find a good pair of well fitted skinny leather pants. Quite easy i thought at first, because they are quite common in the shops. Finds out that it is not that easy for me to find leather pants that fit perfectly and have the texture i have in mind. This week, i tried one at zara that fitted so well, but the texture was so shiney that it reminded me of latex. I really hope i'll find the one someday, it's the perfect wardrobe staple! Any tips where i can spot some?

Friday, November 14, 2014

New in: Sandro green suede bomberjacket

Something unplanned, but my best fall purchase yet by far! I was actually on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket, until i stumbled across this beauty. The pretty green color immediately catched my eye at the store. I tried to made the color on the pictures similar to how it is in real life, but in this case pictures really doesn't do it justice. Can't wait to wear it in a proper outfit!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Off duty

Sometimes i just want to mindlessly throw on something that's comfortable, this is one of those outfits. Just basic, simple and comfy :) It actually really feels like i'm wearing pyjamas, the leggings and oversized knitted sweater truly are lifesavers on my off-duty days! I had a lovely birthday btw! First a cozy dinner with my love, he cooked really delicious wok and bought sushi, my favourite foods! The day after we went to Antwerp to do some shopping. I bought something that wasn't on my list, but i looove it! I'll post some pictures soon :)

coat: Massimo Dutti / sweater and bag: H&M / leggings: River Island / beanie: unknown / scarf: Zara / shoes: Stan Smith x Adidas

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Friday, November 7, 2014


I'm turning 23 today! I really think that number doesn't fit me. It's something i have every year. I think i'm mentally stuck at 19, haha :) I would normally be at university today, but we all got an e-mail yesterday that there would be no lessons at all! Pretty awesome birthday present from my university i would say :) So i'm happy that i can spend my birthday at home with my family. Every year i'm so gratefull to have had a year where i'm healthy, happy and loved. Now let me continue eating everything i want today (mostly cake), because the rule is: calories don't count on birthdays! Let's all have a virtual cupcake! xx, Annelies