Monday, July 27, 2015


Can you tell how sleepy i was in these pictures? I can barely keep my eyes open in the first picture, haha. Too bad i forgot my sunglasses :) I also realise i'm wearing the same hat and boots for the last 4 outfitpost or so, what can i say, classic pieces go with anything! This look is one of my favourite summer looks so far, it's casual but not too casual if you understand me :p And i can finally show my legs some sunshine! Talking about sunshine, the sky has been grey grey grey past week here in Belgium. It's actually impossible here to have sunshine for more then a week in a row, a bit depressing really :p Can't wait to go on holiday and soak up the sun! Hope you're having a great weekend! xx

shoes and shirt: Zara / pants and hat: H&M / blazer: JuliaJune / bag: SaintLaurent

Friday, July 24, 2015


Give me a magazine and some food and i'm one happy girl :) I actually need to hand in a schoolpaper over a month and let that be one if the things i really really really don't like. My mum baked this (delicious!) cake so i took some fashion inspiration with me and made a very welcome break. Now excuse me while i go back to Word instead of Blogger to paper some more. Happy weekend! Hugs, Annelies

Thursday, July 23, 2015

6 streetstyle snaps to inspire you

Nothing i like to do more while drinking tea and listening to music is to be inspired by every scroll down to a ton of streetstyle snaps. These are some of my favourites, enjoy!

Images: Le21ème

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hey guys! What do you think of my  new tattoo? :) Haha, it's fake but i kinda wish it was permanent though! I'm playing with the idea to have a flowery tattoo on my underarm for a while now but i just don't dare to do it. I think i need to give it more time to see if i remain to like the design and idea of having a tattoo. 

So what's better to test it then to have a temporary tattoo? I used tattoos from MonTattoo, their designs are so divers, so you can be really creative with it! I layered differend flower tattoo's above each other so it looked like a sleeve. I recieved plenty of positive comments about it, some people even thought it was real haha. The tattoo lasts for about 5-6 days before it begins to fade and crumble. I actually 'build' this outfit around this tattoo, i think it really matches with this jumpsuit :)

jumpsuit and shoes: Zara / hat: H&M / bag: SaintLaurent / temporary tattoo: MonTattoo

Friday, July 17, 2015

Insta recap

1. I got an ombré! I really wanted something different with my hair, the color is a bit brighter in real life :) 2. Taking a break from work with a big ass bowl of fruit, vogue and some random flowers, haha. 3. Comfy outfit with sneakers are a must sometimes. 4. Found this little one laying around in my boyfriends house and he wanted to wish you all a lovely weekend :)

1. When your boyfriend gives you vogues during stressfull times <3 2. Dreaming of a holiday, this picture is from last summer in Gran Canaria. 3. I'm really into nude nailpolish recently, it's so clean and fresh. 4. On my way to Amsterdam!

1. Arrived in Amsterdam, i love these cute houses! 2. Quick shot of my outfit i wore that day. 3. Amsterdam has so much cool foodplaces! This one was a healthy bar, loved this! 4. My boyfriend bought this slip-ons while we were there, secretly wish we had the same shoe size :)

Aaand the weekend has arrived! I feel like this week has been gone by so fast! I'm going to brunch and just have a relaxing time in the city with friends, hope you have a great one! Kisss

Instagram: @thefashionloonatic

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New in: Daniel Wellington watch

In modern times like this where time can easily be read from our smartphones, i still like to wear a watch almost everyday. It can be more convenient sometimes to look at your wrist then to go and search your phone (like mine is always buried under a pile of junk in my handbag :p). But ofcourse it's also a nice accessory! This one from Daniel Wellington is perfect when i want my accessories to be simple and minimal. 

I actually teamed up with Daniel Wellington watches to give you guys 15% reduction when you use the code fashionloonatic15 on their site ( It's valid until the 15th of August. Aaand there's also free shipping, yay! :) Hugs, Annelies xx

Friday, July 10, 2015

Iron Maiden

How 'r you doingg? :) The weather is sooo nice here in Belgium, we even had a heatwave haha! Here's an outfit i wore during one of those hot days. I recently bought this shirt at Topshop, i love it! It's a bit oversized and really soft what's perfect during heatwavey days :) The skirt is the best thing i ever found at... H&M! Such a rare find! The material is so nice and different from the usual H&M stuff! And to finish the look a hat and sunnies to protect me from the sun. I wish you the best weekend, kiss! xx

hat and skirt: H&M / shirt: Topshop / sunglasses: AndOtherStories / bag: Saint Laurent